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Home Renovation Kitsilano

Lorenzo General Contractor lets you experience the easiest and simplest way to remodel your home with our home renovation Kitsilano services.

From top tier interior designing to highest standard interior painting, and from renovating kitchens and bathrooms to decorating every nook and corner of your home, we have done it all and more. Our team of highly skilled designers works within your desired specifications, creating everything according to your design inspirations, all the while keeping it all inside your budget. We work with your existing furniture in order to create a cohesive layout for your revamped home. You can enlighten your dedicated designer the expectation you have from the whole renovation project, and our home renovation Kitsilano work will definitely exceed all your expectations; you can have our word on that. We listen to what you have to say, present you with creative ideas, and make the whole renovation process hassle free for you.

Home Renovation Kitsilano